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Total Garage Solutions

GSW can organise your garage...Guaranteed!

Total Garage Solutions

Garage Flooring, Cabinets, Shelving & Organisation Systems

Garage cabinets, Garage floor tiles, Garage wall organisation systems, Shelving systems and Garage overhead ceiling storage units.
Garage Storage World - The first and original Garage Organisation company in Perth.

We provide complete storage, organisation and enhancement solutions for your garage.

Is your garage the room where everything just gets dumped on top of everything else?

Imagine your Garage with Organised Storage, Ample Workspace and Room for Cars...

At Garage Storage World can help you achieve that. We can help you transform your garage into a Storage, Work and Play space with style and functionality. Oh and plenty of room for Cars!!

We will design your Garage to suit your lifestyle with products specifically designed for the Garage.

  • Our systems lift everything off the floor and onto the wall

  • We can Maximise your vertical wall space to clear up to 80% of your floor clutter

  • We have functional and durable products to fully utilise your valuable room and organise your Garage

We will create a solution for your Garage that will match your needs, be functional and increase the usable space as well as add value to your home and be the envy of all who visit.

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We service all states of Australia!
We service all states of Australia
Contact us on (08) 9248 2221 for more information about our dealer network.

What's New

Garage Floor Tiles now made in Australia
Garage Storage World are proud to announce that they are now manufacturing the Autodeck Floor tiles here in Perth. This is the first Garage Tile made in Australia and can proudly carry the MADE IN AUSTRALIA logo.