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Garden Tools

1st April 2013

When tackling an unorganized garage, it usually helps to break your task down into groups, and focus on one section at a time. Pick one corner, workspace, or wall of your garage that needs help, and completely clear it out. Once you have done this, pick some specific storage in your garage that constantly gives you trouble. For many people, garden tools can clutter up garage organization, so this would be a great place to start. But whatever your source of trouble may be, focus on that, using the same principles.

Once your space is clear, collect all the garden tools in your garage storage, and begin devising a plan. The best way to store things like rakes, shovels, etc., is through wall storage. This might require a bit of hardware, but nothing beyond the tools probably found in your garage. Hang nails, hooks, or shelves, and arrange your yard tools on your wall storage as seems appropriate.