StorPanel Wall Storage System

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Most effective way to organize your garage

Looking to eliminate clutter? Consider converting unused garage wall space into an effective, and organised, storage area.

StorPanel gets all of your items up off the floor and neatly onto the wall, while still providing quick access to them. A lot more than just a great garden tool storage system.

The StorePanel wall system (hooks, racks, baskets and shelves) can be used in unlimited configurations and be adjusted over time as your requirements change. Making it a perfect investment for your garage.

Installation is simple. First screw metal hanging strips to the wall. Next slide the StorPanel lengths onto the hanging strips. Then simply clip in the accessories and finally hang your items.

Alternatively Garage Storage World can install the full system for you. Contact us for assistance.

Browse through our extensive accessory range and start planning your StorPanel wall organisation system today.

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1. Measure the space    2. Install the metal strips    3. Hang the StorPanels