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Garage Overhead Ceiling Shelves

24th June 2013

When it comes to decluttering the home, the garage often becomes the last ditch place for all the stuff we don’t want to throw out, but have no other place to store. And, let’s face it, it’s also usually the last space in the home that gets the attention it needs for some effective storage and organisation solutions. The good news is, garages offer a lot of options for storage that other parts of the house don’t. Overhead garage storage shelves might be the best of these solutions.

Overhead garage storage frees up so much space on the floor of your garage that it’s almost like increasing the square meterage of the area. It is using the cubic area of your garage, rather than just the floor space and uses space you would never normally utilise. It’s a very cost effective storage solution, too. It almost seems like every garage should have overhead storage in their garage.

The HyLoft Ceiling Mounted Storage Units are available in many sizes and weight capacity when they’re properly mounted. Installation is easy, too, even if you’re installing them alone.

They are easy to install and requires only a few tools that is in everyones tool box.

So if your looking for more storage space - look up !