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Remember the HAIL !

11th March 2012

Garages have many uses but their number one purpose is for parking your cars in. However over time, we forget that and our garage becomes to home to everything but our cars. 

Winter is fast approaching and nothing does more damage to your car than being out in the weather - Especially if we have a hail storm as we did two years ago. Every year we hear stories of peoples cars being damaged due to being left out in the elements so dont let your car be a victim.

The day after the March 2011hail storm, we were doing a garage fitout in Nedlands and the next door neighbour came over and said his 1 month old Mercedes CLK is now full of hail damage as it was park outside and not in his garage because it was too messy. Needlass to say we did his garage not long after, but he had to wait months for his car to be repaired.

We can have your garage organised in under one day and have your cars parked out of the weather. All it takes is one phone call - 9248 2221.